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50s bustier top workshop – online edition

the 50s bustier top Course

recorded – available soon

Take your sewing game to the next level and learn to make vintage-true strapless tops like an expert.

If you love the 1950’s fashion and would love to know how to make bustier tops like we make them -and create yourself a dream wardrobe-, this is the course for you.

I put at your service all of my knowledge, learnt during more than 15 years of creating strapless garments that are true to the 1950’s fashion, so you can make them too.

It’s a very comprehensive course, very thorough and very detailed, but easy to follow too, that will take you through each one of the steps of the making process. I will guide you through each step and you will finish the course with your own top perfectly made to your measurements, and with all the knowledge so you can make yourself some more if you’d like to.

It’s a unique course, with specific content that you will find nowhere else.

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50s bustier top workshop – online edition
50s bustier top workshop – online edition

How to turn the difficult easy

50s bustier top workshop – online edition

As a sewist, you might already know details are everything. If you’ve ever tried to make a strapless garment, you might have realized that making a garment with the right shapes and volumes, that stays put, that looks neat and has no wrinkles and has good finishings, it’s no easy job. If you also want it to be true to the 50s fashion, that adds up a notch!

Sometimes I receive comments from sewists that got enough of fighting with a strapless garment and ask for advice on how to place the boning, how to build up the different pieces or how to adjust the garment to the wearer’s measurements.

It’s really a large and complex subject, not something you can explain in an Instagram comment or a short explanation. Not at all! Each part of the process is a lesson on its own, and if you don’t have someone by your side to guide you, learning by trial and error can consume you a lot -and I mean a lot- of time and effort, use up all of your patience and even make you quit, without getting the results you’d like to have.

I see it everyday with my students of the sewing classes, and even more with my apprentices (as these are the ones that want to become professional sewists).

It is wonderful (and magic and beautiful) to see how when they first start out and I tell them we will make this garment, they believe they won’t be able to, and as we progress they see they are actually making it, they are capable of it.

With every explanation there’s always an “aha!” moment, when I explain them the right tip or technique to do that part of the process. That’s very cool and I always smile inside. 🙂

The best part comes when, in the end, we finish the garment and they see their work all finished and complete. Each step of the process has been a brick that helped build up the house it’s now in front of them: so beautiful, so perfect. Everything fits in, everything works, everything is right. They are flooded by a huge satisfaction feeling… and I am too, even more than them!

50s bustier top workshop – online edition

In this course I put at your disposal all of the knowledge I’ve acquired through the years

I’ve always loved the fashions from the 50s and first half of the 60s. I also am a sewing and pattern-making freak. I LOVE playing with the volumes, shapes and lines of a garment and I LOVE creating (or think of, or design) the ideal construction process to achieve the result – the garment – that I have in mind. I love understanding how things work and the effect it has doing something like this or like that, and I’m always giving it a thought or two.

Since I started creating 50s styled strapless garments – back in 2005-, I’ve changed, improved and adjusted each step of the production process dozens of times, including the patterns (actually, nowadays I still keep improving things 😀 ). I’ve encountered all of the problems you will face during the manufacturing of these garments and I’ve solved them all.

Then arrived the apprentices, and I had to explain all of that which I was doing without realizing it and automatically, in a way that could be explained, teached -on one hand- and received, absorved and learned by the person -on the other-. Truth is it was wonderful (and a huge self-esteem boost) to realize all that I already knew and I had not realized I did. And I also found out, by chance, how BEAUTIFUL and magical it is to teach others, to pass on your knowledge to them and help them grow up, learn and achieve new goals.

(If you’d like to know more about my professional story, you’ll find it on the “About me” page).

“I was very burnt out of the fashion world, I had had a couple of short but intense professional experiences and suddenly, by chance, I found Maria. I’ve been doing my apprenticeship with her for a few months now and it’s the best thing I could have done! It’s not only what you learn, but how you learn it. Maria’s philosophy and her way of teaching have helped me see another face of fashion, and even of life. Things like patience, care, how she looks at errors… make it a lovely and very constructive experience. With her I feel that the art of dressmaking, patternmaking and sewing are kept just like in the old days, well done, with no hurry, with affection. Each garment has the importance it really has. And that makes it special and unique. Learning with her is being an unique experience that I will always treasure in my heart!”

Aina, Arenys de Munt (Barcelona), Sept 9th 2020

List of contents

Things you’ll learn in class

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Day 1 – April 9th, 4-8pm (gmt+1, Barcelona time)

Previous subjects:
– things to have in mind so everything works out fine, from start to finish
– the right mindset so you enjoy sewing, now and always

– preparing the fabric to be cut
– how to distribute patterns on fabric
– cutting
– additional marks

Day 2 – April 16th, 4-8pm (gmt+1, Barcelona time)

Before you start to sew:
– stabilizing the garment tso it keeps the shape you want over time

Sewing the flap:
– sewing processes and techniques for each flap design

Sewing the main layer:
– sewing the cups, curved seams
– curved seams pressing
– jooining the flaps
– the most tricky seam: joint of cups and forefront, angled seams
– joining the back

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-04 at 21_Fotor
50s bustier top workshop – online edition

Day 3 – April 23rd, 4-8pm (gmt+1, Barcelona time)

– function and uses
– types and features
– which one to use depending on garment and wearer
– where to place them and how

Sewing the lining- corselette (1st part):
– previous considerations (function and structure)
– stabilizing the key areas
– sewing double layers
– each seam in detail

Day 4 – April 30th, 4-8pm (gmt+1, Barcelona time)

Sewing the lining-corselette (2on part):
– sewing the boning cases on each location

We start closing the top:
– top edge seam
– introducing the boning strips
– closing the boning cases
– bottom edge seam

50s bustier top workshop – online edition
50s bustier top workshop – online edition

Day 5 – May 7th, 4-8pm (gmt+1, Barcelona time)

Final work:
– turning the top inside out
– finishing the back edge
– the zipper: types, features, ways of sewing it
– how to create a metal zipper to the length you require
– preparing the top to receive the zipper
– sewing the zipper
– sewing the hook & eye
– final details and final press

>> There’s no filling in this course <<

Absolutely everything in this course is valuable: a huge amount of tips and useful, clever information, explained in a concise, simple and effective way, that you will not find anywhere else.


Ok, and how do we do it?

Practical matters: how the course will work

On this course we’ll see how to cut, sew, fit and finish your 50s bustier top. We will not see how to make the patterns for it.

What will happen after you sign up:
  1. After you join the course you will need to send us your measurements. You can take them easily by following the step by step instructions you will find on our “take your measurements” webform, you will find it here, and you can submit them on that same page.
  2. Then Maria will create the patterns for your top, according to your unique measurements.
  3. We will send you your patterns (on paper) and all materials you need to make your top (including the outside layer if you choose this option when purchasing the course) via DHL Express, so you don’t have to worry about getting the right materials. I want everything to be as easy as possible for you.
  4. We will also let you know what tools you’ll need (usual items like shears, scisors, pins, your sewing machine and a press/steamer).
  5. And that’s it! Easy!
The classes

The course will be online and recorded. You will have acess to it forever

To follow it you will need:
a device with internet connection , close to your sewing machine (a laptop, a tablet or a phone, the bigger the screen, the better)

>> Learing slowly allows you to be fast <<

It’s all about being mindful in what you do: going through the explanations slowly and dividing each action into simpler and more detailed steps allows you to get a good result, faster.

50s bustier top workshop – online edition
50s bustier top workshop – online edition
50s bustier top workshop – online edition

My philosophy

How it is to learn with me

You know when, back in your school days, there were some subjects you just loved because the teacher made them great? This is similar. It’s not only important what you learn, but how you learn it too.

I consider that dedicating a time and space in your life to educate yourself and grow in what you love is an act of love towards yourself. And that is important, you are important. Each one of us is important.

I also believe my classes are not only a time for learning, they are there for you to enjoy them as well. And that includes things like remembering just to enjoy it, take your mistakes with a sense of humor, understanding that they are part of the process and that that tey are right because they allow you to learn. And be patient to yourself. And congratulate yourself for every achievement, big or small.

I love to promote an athmosphere in my classes that supports this. <3 And so do my students. 😉

“I’ve started the sewing classes, I’m enthusiastic with the job I’m doing, with all that I’m learning and with the results. Maria is an excellent teacher, meticulous, detail-oriented and she understands what each student needs. Thank you Maria for your patience, your smile but most of all, your professionalism. It’s clear you are passionate about what you do and you pass that on to us.”

Maribel, Canet de Mar (Barcelona), 29/07/2020

Have a terrific time by doing what you love, while you learn a lot of techniques and tips that will take your sewing game to the next level, and end up with a  perfectly fitted vintage-true 1950’s bustier top, made by yourself.
Sign up and I’ll see you in class!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Write me at and I’ll give you honest advice.