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The 50s Bustier Top Sewing Retreat

25th – 28th August 2020 Due to travell restrictions because of Covid-19, we are sorry to say the Retreat is postponed to a future date

If you are interested in participating in this experience, please leave your contact details on the form at the bottom of this page. Thank you and I hope to see you at the Retreat soon!

A sewing getaway to learn the exciting world of 50s tops in detail

If you enjoy sewing and creating your own wardrobe, and you would love to learn to make your own 50s-style bustier tops, this is the experience for you.

Come join us on this 3 days workshop to learn all the insights that will up your sewing game, connect with other like-minded 50s enthusiasts, and indulge yourself to a relaxed sewing vacation in the beautiful enviroment of Arenys de Munt.

You will have lots of fun while learning every step in detail and a huge amount of tips and tricks to sew -easily- your own perfectly fitted 50s bustier top.

This is an all-included event: everything has been taken care of, so you just need to take care of enjoying it.

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3 days to learn all the tips and tricks that will make the difficult easy

As a sewist, you may already know that details are everything. Building up a 50s top that has the right, vintage-true shapes and volumes, has the right construction so it stays put, and has a neat appearance with beautiful finishings, it’s no easy job. Unless you have the right guidance, of course!

In this workshop we will go in detail into every step of the process, learning the exact techniques for each task that will allow you not only to achieve the best results, but to achieve them easily and with little effort.

One of the things that I’m told more often by my interns and students is how amazed they are that I have a technique and trick for absolutely everything. Understanding how each step in the sewing process works and being insightful about it is what has got the Aguyé garments the reputation they have. I just enjoy understanding how things work and how to improve them, and I do it constantly.

Since I started teaching my methods two years and a half ago -with the first intern I had- I’ve also learnt how to divide each step in the process into smaller tasks and focus points and the best way to explain it, which makes each person -whether interns or students- achieve excellent results even if they had limited sewing experience -less than one year in most cases-.

Last but not least, you will learn while having fun. Because this is what it is all about, uh? I believe in a teaching-learning that is enjoyable and kind to yourself, unsderstands that error is a necessary part of the way, and celebrates your growth while enjoying the process as much as the results.

And the vacation part? If you feel like you deserve a getaway from everyday life, this is for you. The warm sunny weather of Arenys de Munt with the beaches and nature that surround it, the gorgeous accomodation of Can Co with its beautiful views and friendly garden, plus delicious meals to enjoy with your fellow retreatees, will turn this learning experience into a real vacation time.

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The setting:
The Aguyé studio + Can Co
in beautiful Arenys de Munt

Beauty is important. To me, very important. So I have chosen a winner combo: the special, dreamy and cosy Aguyé studio to hold the classes, and the gorgeous and peaceful Can Co village to host your rest and off time.

The studio is equipped with a huge cutting table, 4 vintage sewing machines, 2 domestic sewing machines, one industrial press station and one industrial 5-thread overlock machine. It is spacious and comfy, has air conditioned, a small kitchen-lounge area and, most of all, it has been decorated so it is the perfect setting for learning, growing and creating beautiful things.

5-minutes walking distance from the studio there’s Can Co, a beautifully refurbished ancient house surrounded by nature and with comfortable rooms, cosy living areas and amazing views of the sea and woods. It has a front garden and terrace that are the perfect place to relax and to connect (with each other and with yourself) during our off time.

Can Co is placed at the edge of Arenys de Munt but it’s only 10 minutes walking distance from center, so we are really close but it’s still a haven of tranquility. It is surrounded by woods and fields, and 15 minutes car distance from the beach and the woods of Montegre’s natural park.


The contents

Details of what we’ll cover:

  • Cutting the main fabric, lining and interlinings
  • Stabilizers
  • Tips for a better, easier and neater sewing
  • Pressing tips to get perfectly pressed seams, no matter the seam, no matter your tools
  • Step-by-step building up of the main layer , lining-corselette and other structures
  • Fittings
  • Measuring
  • Boning (types, how it works, how to place it, how to sew it)
  • Joining all the different parts together
  • Closing the top and preparing it to have a zipper
  • Preparing a metal zipper
  • Sewing the zipper + hook & eye
  • Final pressing

You will get to choose the style of your top from the range of 50s top designs we offer, and the main fabric from our collection of vintage 50s printed cottons.

After booking, you will be asked to take and submit your measurements using the “take your measurements” page on our website, and Maria will make custom patterns for you based on them, so you can cut a top out of them that is completely made to your unique body measurements and proportions.

The plan


Tuesday: arrive in style

A day for travelling, getting rested and refreshed, and entering the breakaway mood in this sunny part of the Catalan coast.

Your rooms will be available to check in to from 2pm, and Maria will be around should you wish to chat.

At 7pm is time to slip on that gorgeous outfit and meet your fellow retreatees. We will enjoy the nourishing and delicious dinner of vegan chef Lola Martí, and a glass or two of local wine, before heading to bed, ready for a full day ahead.

Wednesday & Thursday: let’s dive in!

It’s time to start working on your top! After enjoying a nourishing breakfast we will head to the studio.

You’ll be able to choose your preferred fabric from our collection of vintage patterned cottons, or from a selection of solid cottons.
We will use organic cotton for the lining, and either metal or synthetic whalebone boning, as well as a metal zipper for a true-to-the era, high-end look.

We will dive into its cut and making from start to finish, covering each step of the process in detail, and learning all the tips & tricks to make it easy, smooth and fullfilling.

We will have a short break mid-morning and in the afternoon, to ease from concentration while enjoying delicious patries and cookies from Cuco’s Orígens, and we will have lunch at L’Era Restaurant, an excellent local restaurant that offers exquisite dishes.

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Friday: finishing touches and farewell

Saturday will be the day for finishing your top and adding closures to it (zipper and hook & eye). We will learn all of Maria’s tips& tricks for that as well.

We will work on the final details, do the last fitting and pay attention to some final considerations on fit and design.

On the evening we will celebrate our improvement and accomplishements with our last dinner together. Chef Lola Martí will take care of that as usual and we’ll get to enjoy her delicious and healthy recipes.

Our time together will end on Saturday morning, but I strongly recommend  you to extend your trip a few more days so you can enjoy the surrounding area as well. There are fabulous beaches at the small towns near Arenys de Munt, and you can dive into nature at the beautiful woods of Montnegre’s natural park as well. I will enjoy some really sought after vacations at these places as well. 🙂

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What’s included?


This is an all-inclusive four-day retreat for sewing enthusiasts. I’ve taken care of pretty much everything so you can just focus on enjoying the experience. Included in your investment is:

Accomodation in Can Co’s nicely decorated rooms. Choose from single occupancy or share a room with a classmate. Book with a friend, or if you prefer, we will match you up with a fellow guest.

Your meals and snacks for the duration fof the retreat. Breakfasts and dinners in-house by talented flexi-vegetarian chef Lola Martí, delicious lunches at L’Era Restaurant, as well as morning and afternoon pastries, cookies and teas by Adriana from Cuco’s Origens.

All fabrics, trims and materials. You will get to choose the main layer of your top from my collection of vintage printed cottons, or you can bring your own fabric if your prefer.

The patterns of your top, made to your measurements. They are yours to keep and to reuse on as many 50s tops as you wish to make yourself.

You will leave the retreat with your own, perfectly fitted, 50s bustier top.

Four incredible days that will up your sewing skills a lot, time to learn how to make a perfectly constructed, finished and fitted 50s bustier top, tuition from a highly skilled artisan, and time to relax, enjoy  and connect with your fellow classmates.

Not included

Your flights to El Prat airport in Barcelona. El Prat is an easy flight from many european cities and there are plenty of companies that flight to it. After the lockdown, some of you may even have flight vouchers to spend!

Transfers from the airport. Arenys de Munt is around a 40 minute taxi ride from El Prat airport, or either a one-and-a-half hour train ride to Arenys de Mar plus a 10-minutes taxi ride to Arenys de Munt. You will find more  info on how to get to the Studio on this page.



Just 6 places are available for this sewing getaway, because I want to offer each student the time and attention she may need. To secure your place, simply decide whether you’d like to share a twin room with a friend or fellow classmate (we’ll match you up if you’re travelling solo) or you’ll treat yourself to the sanctuary of a single occupancy room.

There are four single-occupancy rooms and one shared occupacy room available.



Single occupancy

Your own private space to fully retreat from the world. Rest and prepare to take your sewing skills to new heights!


€600 payable in two instalments

VAT is applicable to those of you within the EU.


Shared occupancy

A twin-bedded room to share with a friend of a fellow classmate. If you’re travelling solo, we’ll match you up. It’ll be like a grown-up pyjama party!  


€575 payable in two instalments

VAT is applicable to those of you within the EU.

Terms of booking

Business terms


instalment plan

The retreat is paid for in two instalments. By signing up you commit to paying the instalment plan and it’s up to you to make a note of the dates  the payments will leave your account and ensure you have the funds in there to cover your commitment.

First payment will be made upon booking and the second one will be made seven days before the retreat starts.


cancellation policy

It’s important to us that when you book, you’re serious about taking up your place, because if you’re not, that prevents someone else experiencing the magic, which doesn’t feel very fair.

We have a very strict and transparent cancellation policy.

The cancellation policy applies regardless of circumstance so it’s essential you understand these terms before you book.

Cancellation fees are as follows:

2 weeks or less before the retreat: a 100% charge

3 weeks or less: a 75% charge

5 weeks or less: a 50% charge

We will not refund your fee if you are unable to attend: even if we fill the place. We strongly recommend you have travel insurance in place to cover any eventualities where you may be unable to join us.


exceptional circumstances 

We cannot be held liable for situations beyond our control, including (but not limited to) acts of war, acts of God, threats or acts of terrorism, civil unrest or unforeseen personal circumstances. We also can’t offer refunds for illness, flight delays or any other circumstances. Please, please, please make sure you have adequate insurance in place to cover for this.


cancellation on our part

In the event of a teacher cancellation, every effort will be made to deliver the same content by another accomplished teacher. If we need to cancel the retreat, we will refund the money you have paid so far.

We cannot be held responsible for other costs – such as flights or any other incidentals and strongly recommend you have insurance in place to cover this.


copyright content and course materials

All course materials and workshop content is protected copyright. What that means in simple terms is that you may not copy or share it in any way, with no one.

Frequently Asqued questions

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How many will be on the retreat?

Six guests plus Maria. It’s a small number because I want to have the time to attend all the questions each student may have.

I’ve booked the house in full so we’ll have the place all to ourselves. During daytime we will aso have Danyeris and Aina (my two interns) helping us out at the studio.



I am a dressmaker/designer/couturiere who loves 50s garments. Can I participate to improve my skills at work?

No and thanks for your interest. At this moment I’m not interested in training other fellow dressmakers.

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If i book a single occupancy room, can i bring a guest with me? They won’t participate in the retreat but i’d like to bring them along.

No, thanks for asking.

 It’s about the connections you make and the moments you share with entrepreneurs who share the same values and ambitions as you. Much of this happens outside of the workshop sessions. At the garden, over dinner and so on, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

I never cease to be amazed at the connections that are made, the friendships are forged and the memories made on the retreat. It’s a precious thing.  

My own family have always flown out to Palma to join me once the retreat is over, which has worked really well, and I know quite a few of this year’s guests spent time on the island with their loved ones once the week after so perhaps that would work for you?


I’m just starting out at sewing, is this for me?

I’m afraid not, thanks for asking. You don’t need to be an advanced sewist at all to take this course, but you do need to be “fluent” in using a sewing machine, and that takes a bit of practice, so I’m afraid this is not the course for you if you are just starting out your sewig journey.

If you’ve been sewing for just a while, making simple garments or items, that is ok. I will give you techniques that will allow you to make every step of the top with ease, and I’ve proved all of these techniques right by teaching each of the interns I’ve trained so far. Most of them only had one year experience sewing (on some of the classes of their first course at the sewing school), and they all learned how to make my garments brilliantly.

Having said that, the more experienced you are at sewing, the faster you will successfully accomplish every step. If you are less skilled it may take you longer, but that’s it.

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Is it possible to attend without staying with you?

No, thanks for asking. Part of the magic of the retrat happens during our off-time, at dinner, breakfast or in the evenings at the terrace and gardens of Can Co, when you have the time to connect and share with each other.

If you feel like it, you will be able to have some me time at the privacy of your room, or having a relaxing stroll around the woods and fields that surround both the house and the studio, or around the beautiful streets of Arenys de Munt.


Will it be safe to attend?

Yes. We will comply with all the safety measurements set up by the government, so it will be totally safe to attend.

We will use masks during our classes and there will be hand sanitizer at everyone’s disposal at all times.

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Do I have to know any pattern-making to attend?

No, you don’t have to. After booking, you will be asked to take and submit your measurements using the “take your measurements” page on our website, and Maria will make custom patterns for you based on them.
On the retreat you will cut your top out of these patterns, so it will be made to your unique body measurements and proportions.

Still have questions?

Write me at and I’ll answer them all.

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