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The 50s Bustier Top workshop

July 1st-4th 2020

Learn to make 50s bustier tops like a pro

If you enjoy sewing and creating your own wardrobe, and you would love to sew your own 50s-style bustier tops, I can guide you through the steps to achieve it.

Come join us on this 2 or 3 days workshop, meet some other like-minded sewists, and have fun like ever while learning every step in detail and a huge amount of methods and tips to cut, fit and sew a perfectly fitted 50s bustier top.

3 days to learn all the tips and tricks that will make the difficult easy

As a sewist, you may already know that details are everything. Building up a 50s top that has the right, vintage-true shapes and volumes, looks neat and professional, has the right construction so it stays put, and has beautiful finishings, is a complex task.

In this -intense- workshop we will go in detail into every step of the process, learning the exact techniques for each task that will allow you not only to achieve the best results, but to achieve them easily and smoothly.

You can choose whether you’d like to learn to cut and sew your top (2 days-workshop) or if you’d like to learn to create a custom pattern from scratch as well (3 days workshop, this is one extra day first). This workshop is limited to 4 students, to offer each student the time and attention she needs.

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Hey, I’m Maria! It’s great to see you here!

Why do I offer this workshop and why I’m the right teacher for you

I’ve been making this 50s-true clothing for 14 years now, and over the years I’ve developed my own method for everything, from pattern-making to interlinings, boning and building up every part of the garment. I’ve changed the process countless times, improving it and perfecting it until today. I’ve gone through all the problems you can face and I’ve solved them all, so you can learn from my experience and save yourself time, effort and dissapointments.

I’ve been a dressmaker for 15 years now. A couple of years ago I received a phone call from a girl who told me that she was studying dressmaking and she would love to do her apprenticeship with me. No sooner said than done! This was how life planted the seed of teaching in me.

Three apprentices later I opened my own sewing and pattern-making school. During this time with both apprentices and students I’ve discovered that everything I know, no matter how complicated, can be easily learned and achieved if broken down in smaller and smaller steps and focus points.

I enjoy A LOT helping others to learn and to grow, there is something magical in passing knowledge onto someone else. So this is why I’m here! Let’s have a terrific time together while learning a lot!

The contents

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What we’ll cover:

  • Taking your full, detailed set of measurements [on the 3-days workshop option only]
  • 1950s volumes & shapes styling to consider [on the 3-days workshop option only]
  • Creating your personal pattern based on your measurements [on the 3-days workshop option only]
  • Cuting, sewing and fitting a mockup [on the 3-days workshop option only]
  • Doing corrections and creating the final pattern [on the 3-days workshop option only]
  • Cutting the main fabric, lining and interlining
  • Stabilizers
  • Tips for a better and easier sewing
  • Pressing tips to get perfectly pressed seams, no matter the seam
  • Building up the main shell
  • Building up the lining-corselette
  • Fittings
  • Measuring
  • Joining main and lining
  • Boning (types, how it works, how to place it, how to sew it)
  • Closing the top and preparing it to have a zipper
  • Preparing a metal zipper
  • Sewing the zipper + hook & eye
  • Final pressing

The plan

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Wednesday July 1st, 18:00h

A day for travelling, getting to your hotel, getting rested and refreshed, and entering the breakaway mood in this sunny part of the Catalan coast.

Meet your other fellow students and treat you to some healthy and delicious snacks, teas and/or a glass or two of local wine at the studio.

We’ll enjoy this little gathering before heading to bed, ready for a full day ahead.

Thursday July 2nd, 9:00 – 17:00h

We will dive into pattern-making for bustier tops. A day devoted to creating, fitting and correcting your pattern.

This will be a much insightful day and you will enjoy it a lot if you are, like me, a pattern-making lover.

This day is optional, and you will only have it if you choose the 3-days workshop option. In case pattern-making is not your thing, you can skip this day altogether and just choose the 2-days workshop. In this case, you should travel today and you can join us at 18:00h to meet your fellow students.

We will have a short break mid-morning and in the afternoon, to ease from concentration while enjoying delicious patries and cookies from Cuco’s Orígens, and we will have lunch at L’Era Restaurant, an excellent local restaurant that offers exquisite dishes.

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Friday July 3rd and Saturday 4th, 9:00 – 17:00h

During these two days, we will cut and make the top. You’ll be able to choose your preferred fabric from our collection of vintage patterned cottons, or from a selection of solid cottons.
We will use organic cotton for the lining, and either metal or synthetic whalebone boning, as well as a metal zipper for a true-to-the era, high-end look.

We will dive into its cut and making from start to finish, covering each step of the process in detail, and learning all the tips & tricks to make it easy, smooth and fullfilling.

Duting these days we will also have a short break mid-morning and in the afternoon, to ease from concentration while enjoying delicious patries and cookies from Cuco’s Orígens, and we will have lunch at L’Era Restaurant, an excellent local restaurant that offers exquisite dishes.

What’s included?


  • fabrics, trims and materials
  • morning and afternoon pastries, cookies and teas
  • lunch

Not included

  • accomodation (I can help you find a nice place to stay nearby)
  • flights
  • breakfast and dinner

Book your workshop

Learn to make tops with a style, aesthetics, cut and construction true to the 50s like a pro! You can choose whether you would like to learn just to make them, or to cut them as well. In this intense workshop held at our studio-school in sunny Arenys de Munt, on an inspiring gathering with other like-minded sewists, you will learn the whole process in maximum detail with Maria.

Any questions?

Write at and I’ll answer all your questions.

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