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Hey, I’m Maria! It’s great to see you here!

Who I am and why I opened this school

I started sewing in my childhood as a playful way of creating garments and making them real. In my late teens it started to grew stronger, until leading me to quit my degree in biology to learn pattern-making.

I am a self-taught sewist, and I’ve been professionally sewing for 15 years now. I am a dressmaker and tailor. I always follow my heart when creating new designs, they just come through me.

Over the years I’ve developed my own method for everything, from pattern-making to interlinings, boning and building up every part of the garment. I’ve changed each process countless times, improving it and perfecting it until today. I’ve gone through all the problems you can face and I’ve solved them all, so you can learn from my experience and save yourself time, effort and disappointments.

A couple of years ago I received a phone call from a girl who told me that she was studying dressmaking and she would love to do her apprenticeship with me. No sooner said than done! This was how life planted the seed of teaching in me.

Three apprentices later, I opened my own sewing and pattern-making school (a sprout off the atelier), where I offer regular and capsule courses on sewing and pattern-making, all of them with my personal approach. During this time with both apprentices and students, I’ve discovered that everything I know, no matter how complicated, can be easily learned and achieved if broken down in smaller and smaller steps and focus points.

I enjoy A LOT helping others to learn and to grow, there is something magical in passing knowledge onto someone else.

On my social medial channels on Instagram and Facebook, and via my Email newsletter I hope to inspire you and enrich your growing sewist, and I will also let you know about the courses and workshops that I offer.

So this is why I’m here! Let’s have a terrific time together while learning a lot!

Maria xx

PS. If you are curious, you can check my work on the atelier website,, and on its Instagram profile and Facebook page as well.